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Port Macquarie Physiotherapy Services

Port Macquarie Physio & Pilates provides quality physiotherapy services to help relieve pain and improve function. Our caring practitioners offer a manual therapy approach and will customise a rehabilitation exercise program specific to your needs. We understand the challenges of living with pain and are dedicated to helping you in our friendly and relaxed environment.

Our physiotherapists utilise a variety of manual therapy techniques and then will prescribe exercises for continued health management.

Our clinical pilates and exercise sessions offer a blend of clinical knowledge of movement dysfunction and principles of rehabilitation exercise. Through these individually designed programs, you’ll learn to improve flexibility, strength, stability, balance, muscle tone and posture. It’s ideal for treating, managing and preventing pain throughout the body.

Our friendly team of physiotherapists are qualified to diagnose and tailor a treatment program for you. You’ll receive personal and individual attention, which will help to relieve symptoms and restore mobility.

Our team of female practitioners are committed to helping women attain their optimal health. With thorough assessments and customised treatments, you’ll experience relief from a variety of symptoms related to incontinence, the pelvic area and musculoskeletal conditions.

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