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Physiotherapy is an evidence based treatment which aims to eliminate pain and restore normal function to the body.

Our physiotherapists are passionate about ensuring you get the correct diagnosis for your injury. Our physiotherapy consultations include a thorough examination to fully understand your presenting problem, and once we establish a diagnosis, the treatment plan will be implemented.

Our hands on approach could involve joint mobilisations, soft tissue therapy, muscle energy techniques, dry needling and massage. We may also use electrotherapeutic modalities to help with pain relief and swelling reduction. Importantly, exercise prescription and lifestyle advice is an essential part of any good treatment program.

Our physiotherapists will ensure that you are supported and educated through your injury management. By using treatment techniques researched over years of study and through ongoing continuing education, our physios will help you restore your function and get you back to a quality of life you are used to.

We treat a range of injuries

Whether it is an acute injury, a chronic injury, an age related pain or a work injury, we can help.

Conditions that physiotherapists can assess and treat include:

Needling - Physiotherapy in Port Macquarie, NSW

Dry needling

Dry needling is not acupuncture. Dry needling uses acupuncture needles in muscle trigger points to help alleviate pain and muscle spasm related to the patients presenting condition. Our physiotherapists who choose to use dry needling have undergone further training in this area.


Kinesio Taping

This method of taping uses an elastic therapeutic tape that mimics a therapists hands so that it either inhibits or excites a muscle depending on how it is applied.


Manual Therapy

This therapy uses passive joint movements performed to relieve pain and restore functional movement and soft tissue releases to relieve muscle spasm or muscle injury.


Exercise Therapy

As part of your physiotherapy treatment we prescribe exercises specific to your injury for both use in the practice and at home.

Vertigo Treatment

This treatment includes the diagnosis and treatment of BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo) which is associated with symptoms of dizziness, vertigo and loss of balance.



We are committed to making the correct diagnosis and educating you about your condition.

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