Frequently asked questions

We understand that you may have questions regarding physiotherapy and how it could improve your health. Below are answers to some common questions about our services. Our knowledgeable team is available to help you make an informed decision.

That depends on the condition we are treating. Some people experience relief after one visit. Others will need care for months, in which case, we will monitor your progress regularly and adjust treatment accordingly. The goal is for you to not only feel better but to enjoy an improved quality of life long-term.

There might be slight discomfort or soreness the following day, but it should lessen in a day or two. With continued treatment, and as muscles strengthen, pain should decrease considerably or disappear altogether.
We suggest wearing comfortable clothing and shoes. Tight or restrictive clothing could prevent exercises or treatments from being as effective.

For the best results, it’s recommended to complete your clinical physio exercises in one of our clinics with a trained physiotherapist present. It is to ensure proper posture, so we target the area which treatment, and to prevent possible further injury.

Initial visits will normally last 45 minutes to one hour. Clinical physio exercise classes can vary, depending on the health issue we are treating. Generally, they can last half an hour to one hour.
Flare-ups are not uncommon. If you notice pain returning, notify us so we can reassess the condition and discuss treatment options.

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